Changing Lives

Graham W Price, chartered psychologist and presenter of an astonishing life skills training called Positive Mind Training, claims we’re all crazy. What, me? Never. Ten minutes into his introductory webinar and I’m convinced.
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Ten Powerful Truths

We were all born with the potential to be successful and to live an amazing life. All we need is an awareness that this is so, the knowledge of how to overcome limitations and a willingness to act powerfully.
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    "Graham's development training is the most succinct, useful and effective training I've ever encountered"... Michael Queen, CEO of 3i, member of the Prime Minister's advisory group

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    Mark Forster, Entrepreneur, re Graham's development training: "Totally unique and extraordinarily effective. I’ve experienced several leading international development trainers. Your training has had a far greater impact than all of them put together"

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    "I’m much more confident and am now receiving commendations for my presentations", Cliff Myers

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    "Problems with anger were effecting my career. Your help has resolved the problem and I now have the promotion I was seeking", Art Davies

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    "Our staff found it empowering, uplifting and practical; I cannot recommend it enough" , Simone Plaut, Manager, MS Society, re Graham's development training

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    "It’s improved my whole mental outlook, giving me more energy and improved my fitness", Robin Baron, Lawyer

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    "This has been an amazing experience. I never thought it would be so easy to resolve a problem that’s been crippling my life for years", Mark Stenson

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    "I feel so much healthier, fitter and more in control of my life. Thank you", Terry Aspic

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    "I’m no longer getting irritated; a big change for me" , Shirley Mather

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    "Your coaching has helped me achieve remarkable changes. I’d recommend you to anyone who has anything they want to change or achieve", Susan Braithwaite